Yvonne Leon "Puce Opal Rose Fleur" Pink Opal Flower Earring in White Diamonds and 18K Yellow Gold

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Yvonne Leon jewelry marries classic craftsmanship with innovative shapes and designs. Handmade in Paris, each one of her beautiful pieces tells a story of feminine modernity and timeless style...

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Yvonne Léon "Puce Opal Rose Fleur" Opal Flower Earring in Pink Diamonds and 18K Yellow Gold

-18kt Yellow Gold ear climber earring inlaid with diamonds and opal

-Yellow Gold total weight: 2.5 grams

-Diamonds total weight: .1 carats

-Opal total weight: 1.19 carats

-Sold as single piece

-To put on, slide non-decorative side of earring through your piercing 

-Made in France 

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